Key Words

Lest you not be well-versed in this whole Anglish thing, I’ve set this page up to be a list of terms I use in this blog. Note: this page is not a dictionary of Anglish words, it is a list of meta stuff. I will update this page every so often.

~~ Bryan A. J. Parry


Anglish Any form of English which tries to either minimise or eliminate the non-Germanic and/or non-native elements within the English language. Such projects spread across a broad range. “Anglish” as I use the term, and as exemplified by my posts on this blog, is my try at uncovering true English. That is to say, I try to “find” true, homeborn English rather than arbitrarily strip out stuff simply because it was not “originally” (whatever that means) English, and I do not try to construct a new English: I find the English that already lives beneath the surface. I see myself as an archaeologist, of sorts, who uncovers what is hidden underneath by all the other layers. See Principals of Anglish.


© 2014 – 2016 Bryan A. J. Parry

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