Bits 2: Attested Words #Anglish #PlainEnglish

Here are more words from my notes, another hodgepodge of randomness. These are all words which are attested with these meanings in standard English. Enjoy!

roup Scot, Northern sell by auction, an auction

redden rubefy, tubify

ruddy rubicund

meter ruler, measuring thing

behest command

behindhand opp. of beforehand

beholden under obligation


befool dupe

beget procreate

belike probably

belittle depreciate

jut projection

-house -ary (in a place sense, mortuary, library)

brawn muscle

© 2020-2021 Bryan A. J. Parry

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One Response to Bits 2: Attested Words #Anglish #PlainEnglish

  1. Tristan Laguz says:

    Thanks for giving those words. To be arly/honest, I’ve learned more FLaG words from this leaf than English ones 😂. I guess that’s a good token for the lay/state of English, though.
    I find sunderly intryst in the word “meter”, which thou mentionest above. It was only a short while ago that I bemarked that “meter” in the sinn/sense of “metel”, “meteþor”, “meting rig” is a fully English word: “mete” + “-er”.

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