Word of the Week 2: Allknowledgebook

February 22, 2016


Icelandic has a great word, alfræðiorðabók. This word breaks down as follows:

  • al “everything”
  • fræði “study”
  • or “knowledge”
  • orða “words”
  • bók “book”

The meaning of this delightful compound? Think about it for a second… Yes: encyclopaedia.

“Alllearnknowledgewordsbook*” is a tad long. So what would make a good English loan translation? I reckon: Allknowledgebook. Certainly better than the literal loan translation of Greek enkyklios paideia — ‘training in a circle’.

Thank you, Icelandic, for another great word!

*“learn” instead of “study” owing to the former being a homeborn word and the latter not so.

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