Anglish Is NOT Just A Linguistic Game

I am what is known as a “conlanger”. I make up words and languages for fun. If you follow my two blogs, or my YouTube channel, then this will not be a surprise to you. I get pleasure from creating linguistic art. However, I feel compelled to point out that Anglish is not “just” a game to me. Of course, it gives me pleasure to play around with English words and to make it in a more truly English mould; there is a game element to it. But I have a more serious bent. I love the English language, and this isn’t all that surprising: I am a graduate of the subject and a teacher of it to boot(!) I also love England, and I am a liberal, and I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong. And for all these reasons, Anglish is not merely a game or plaything, but something with a serious side to it, too: I want to help English find its Englishness in whatever small way I can, and set it back on the path to being a tool used by the common people instead of a yoke to be used on them. I want to, in some small way, right the linguistic wrongs done down the generations, from the fallout of 1066, to the inkhornism of the 15- and 1600s, to current doublespeak used solely to desensitise and deceive the people: all that “collateral damage” and those “WMDs”.

I feel the need to state this clearly — albeit borderline po-facedly — as I wouldn’t want the recent setting up of my other blog ( to give anyone the idea that Anglish is part of the same linguistic sudoku. Rather, I want a clear delineation between Anglish and my other creative linguistic projects as I’m not merely larking about with Anglish: the thing has a serious side as well as a fun one.

Disclaimer over. Smile.  :~)

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