My Heartfelt Sorries

Hallo all,

I am very sorry for not being round lately. I’ve had (and still have) many other projects going on. Asides from my screenwriting and a bunch of language projects, I’m also studying Theology at university and, to that end, learning Koine Greek (Greek from 2000 years ago!). Not to mention actual full-time work as a teacher! So, I won’t be around as much as I had been, but I’m still here: Anglish is a lifelong love affair and I won’t be leaving it ever (I doubt!)

Just a couple of little thoughts.

1. Why not use “Sorry” as a noun to overset “apology”? I see no reason why not.

2. NB, or nota bene, is Latin for “note well” and it pops up a lot in adademic writing. I thought that “heed well (HW)” would be a good alternative.

What do you all think?


Bryan Parry

October 2012

One Response to My Heartfelt Sorries

  1. þ says:

    Hey don’t worry, write what you can when you can.

    It shows my lack of learning that I always think of “NB” as meaning “note below”! “Heed well” is likely the best thing to replace it though.

    I also write “that is” where others write “ie”, but I never shorten it to “ti”, as I don’t think it would be understood.

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